BAOBAB is aimed at the needs of practitioners and managers of projects and programmes operating in the field of socio-economic development. The development management system offered is appropriate for all sizes of development interventions from a small village-level enterprise pilot project to national or international government programmes.

BAOBAB's target users are development practitioners in a position to apply learnings to their work and to provide feedback to fellow practitioners and the BAOBAB support team, thereby facilitating true networking and support.

This is considered important in view of the isolated working conditions of some development practitioners.

Additionally, BAOBAB provides pre- and post-course support for participants in training courses offered by BAOBAB staff. It is intended that those attending such courses prepare by reading materials and utilising the learning facilities on the site; participants will be issued with pre-course guidelines and tasks.

In terms of their public-private-partnership in BAOBAB, the InWEnt and Lohmeier-Wyley-Associates have agreed that:

  • InWEnt may use Baobab material in courses that are related to contents covered by Baobab and conducted with Baobab approved trainers. For a list of courses offered, please contact InWEnt. If users want to suggest a specific course they are advised to submit proposals to the same address.

  • Lohmeier-Wyley-Associates may use Baobab with any other client. Clients may acquire the CD / a licence for accessing the website only, or may book a specific course (either online or residential with online-backup). More information is given on this site under ‘consulting and training’.