Development Management

Baobab offers a learning and networking, consulting and training facility in development management.

Our approach is based on the conviction that:

All development interventions are interventions in the lives of people.

We believe interventions need to be conducted with professionalism / expertise, and sensitivity, and need to leave people with the wherewithal to continue their lives more productively than before. Development interventions need to tackle the problems of the people - especially the poor – not those problems perceived / suggested by outsiders, or related to pre-conceived solutions.

Our approach combines the best of people-driven and professional approaches, seeking outcomes appropriate to the local situation, its potentials and socio-cultural context. Our interactive learning modules, training materials, and our own work as interveners follow these premises.

Baobab’s learning materials in development management are written for professional interveners: development practitioners working for state agencies, non-governmental organisations, self-employed consultants, private sector employees. The materials concentrate on instilling professionalism and sensitivity in its users. They are presented in two formats:


"Teach Yourself"

BAOBAB's "teach yourself" modules are the focus of BAOBAB's distance learning in development management.
They contain (updated) material from the manuals, presented in an interactive format.

(Note: access to the Baobab interactive learning modules is by subscription only)

These manuals have been used as training texts in development management courses. They are available as reference books for users of the "teach yourself"; modules and participants in BAOBAB's training courses.
The handbooks are designed to be used as complete texts; in some cases there are overlaps in the contents as the same material is used for different courses.

(Note: access to Baobab handbooks is by subscription only)